What to do in the Prayer Room:

We want you to feel comfortable, whether as a participant or an anonymous visitor.  You are welcome to stay in the prayer room as long as you like.  While in the prayer room, feel free to sing along with the worship teams, read your Bible, study a favorite commentary, write in your journal or just pray.  You may sit, stand, fall on  your face or even pace up and down the aisles.  Whatever you do, we ask that you do it in a manner that honors and serves the other people in the room.

There are three basic prayer and worship formats:

Intersession sets are usually more energetic and interactive as it is more of a corporate prayer.  There specific prayer focuses and all in the room may be invited to come forward  to lift up prayer over the microphone or as part of the “rapid fire” prayer (15-second prayers) on the specific themes.

Worship with the Word is a prayer format in which we agree with God’s heart as we sing the biblical truths of who God is and what His promises are.  

Devotional Worship is more intimate in nature, the volume is brought down to make a more conducive environment for reading the Bible and entering into contemplative or devotional prayer.