Mission & Values:

To bring unity (one heart, one mind, intent on one purpose) to the believers in the region through worship and prayer as one body.  

To call forth, train and mobilize intercessors, worshipers, and evangelists who operate in the forerunner spirit and who fast and pray in the worshipping spirit of the Tabernacle of David. 

A place for people to come anytime day or night.  Where there is continual praise, worship, and prayer being presented to and from the Lord.

Working with local churches to see God move in our region.  DEHOP supports the local congregations and the work God is doing in and through them.  We desire to work along side these congregations not outside of them.  

Scriptue is God’s Word, the foundation of all prayer, praise, teaching, guidance, and correction.  So all things are measured by God’s Word.  Scripture stands as an unshakable mountain, not a dotting of “i” or the crossing of a “t” will ever pass away.  Whatever does not agree with scripture will not stand or stay at the DELAWARE HOP.

The Harp and Bowl are close to God’s heart.  We value these individually, but also  feel that together they are a powerful weapon against the enemy and a powerful way that God communicates directly to our heart, and a powerful way to communicate back to His heart.

We value the local leaders that God has raised up.  We value their wisdom, insight (day to day practical and spiritual), and their position in God’s kingdom.
Our hearts are burning with desire to raise up an army of  RADICAL LOVERS OF JESUS!  Our desire is to prepare the way for the Lord to return to the earth. Our desire is to unite the churches in our community to come together and pray, intercede and worship together in Spirit and in Truth. Our desire is to raise up a generation to live Kingdom minded. To live a "holy priesthood life" of purity and righteousness through the blood of Jesus.